26 July 2011

365 Days of Middle-earth ~ Day 26: Thuringwethil

Ted Nasmith's illustration of Lúthien and Beren disguised as Thuringwethil and Draugluin

Thuringwethil (Sindarin: the 'Woman of Secret Shadow') was a vampire messenger of Sauron, who possessed bat-like wings which were barbed with an iron claw at each joint, and who carried out his errands between Angband and Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Little is known about her, but it has been indicated that she may have been a lesser Maia, perhaps brought into service by Melkor. While she is associated with vampires, she merely takes on their form; she is not explicitly referred to as being a vampire.

She was caught in Tol-in-Gaurhoth and her winged form was taken from her by Lúthien, who used Thuringwethil's shape to enter Angband with Beren, where the stole one of the Three Jewels (Silmarils) from Morgoth's crown and achieved the Quest of the Silmaril.


  1. Thuringwethil es uno de los personajes que más me ha intrigado de todos los que aparecen cuando leí el Silmarillion. Ya que, incluso su forma, es poco conocida, además de saber que tiene alas de murciélago y que es mujer, no se esclarece una forma definida. Si conoces una imagen más definida de Thuringwethil, hecha por algun artista, me gustaría que la publicaras.

  2. Hi Juan. No sé si hay otras imágenes de Thuringwethil. Si encuentro cualesquiera, los demostraré. (Mi español no es muy bueno. Lo siento!)

  3. You speak spanish! That is very cool!

  4. Just a very small amount! I'd like to start learning more :)

    1. feel free to ask if you need practicing or anything ;)

    2. I will definitely keep you in mind! Thank you :)



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