13 November 2012

Now Accepting Guest Posts/Submissions!

With the holidays (and the first Hobbit film) fast approaching, it's going to become harder and harder to cover every bit of news that pops up. Additionally, I'd like to begin working on some Tolkien essays to enhance this blog and go beyond just covering the latest news. I hope to make my blog a bit more interactive and personal than it has been recently.

And what better way to start than by inviting you, my wonderful readers and fellow Tolkien fans, to submit some of your own Tolkien-related articles, essays, photos, etc.? I would love to hear more from you guys!

I don't have any real guidelines (you can post anything you like, and at whatever length you'd like), but a few suggestions are:

  • A Tolkien essay or opinion 
  • A review of a book, film, video game, etc.
  • LOTRO screenshots or stories
  • Your review of a LOTRO expansion or general opinion(s) of the game/certain features
  • Original artwork or music
  • Recipes or craft ideas
  • Any Hobbit (or general Tolkien) news
  • Photos and/or details about your Tolkien collection
  • How you became interested in Tolkien's works

The only restrictions are:
  • Plagiarised work
  • Work that may be considered hateful or derogatory towards any individual or group of people (ie racism, sexism, etc.) 

To submit a piece, feel free to e-mail me at BrittaSiemen@Gmail.com.

Additionally, feel free to suggest via e-mail any news stories or important articles I've missed, and I'll be sure to credit you with the find!

Last updated on: 20 November 2013


  1. This is exciting! I'm looking forward to so much Tolkien content! :) Thanks for opening the doors to everyone.

  2. This is a great idea. Let me see what I can come up with. Katherine_Ann you better get busy. :)

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