11 May 2013

LOTRO's Update 11 Goes Live on Monday!

If you're like me and cannot wait to begin playing LOTRO: Helm's Deep, then you'll probably be happy to know that you can at least begin exploring a new region in Middle-earth when Update 11 – "Treachery of the White Hand" – goes live this Monday, May 13.

With Update 11, players will be able to continue the epic story through the new Wildermore region, a remote area of Eastern Rohan which is in need of restoration after suffering from destruction at the hands of the stone giant Núrzum.

Players can explore five new areas in the Wildermore region – Writhendowns, The Fallows, Whitshaws, High Knolls, and Balewood.

In addition to the new region, Update 11 also includes a mounted combat revamp, daily Hobbit presents, and improved benefits to VIP subscribers.

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